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We’ll caution you not to pay any attention to tax assessed values or online computer generated searches such as Zillow, etc. These online sites use a dollar cost average per square foot which may include larger homes or smaller homes in the same area as comparables to your home. In turn, their “estimates” have absolutely ZERO bearing on real home sale values. As proof of this, the owner of Zillow sold his home for $710,000 LESS than what Zillow said it was worth last year. Out of the over 200 home value requests we get every year, we know about 95% of homeowners are just curious and not looking to move soon or at all. But we still provide their detailed value to them. We will be happy to provide your free, no obligation true home value for you. 

Because your home may well be your largest asset, selling it is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. To better understand the home selling process, a guide has been prepared from current industry reports. Through these 28 tips you will discover how to protect and capitalize on your most important investment, reduce stress, be in control of your situation, and make the most profit possible. Also, see our Homeowner Assistance Package for complete details of how we help homeowners get top market value in the shortest time. 


Head Start Program

Did you know that you can sell your home for $l0,000 more than the current value? After investigating hundreds of home sales in South Florida, we've found that homeowners making very minimal changes in condition and marketability can improve the final selling price of their home by over $10,000! That's why we've agreed to offer a free 15 minute in-home consultation to show you what YOUR home needs to sell for more home than it's currently worth! We've agreed to offer this free in home advice meeting with us and we will give you a detailed list of what to do at absolutely NO cost or obligation! You can use the Send Message button below to contact us or just call us at 954-540-8509. 

Dream Home Finder Program

 Is your dream home something that you think DOESN'T EXIST in South Florida? After working with hundreds of  homeowners that had very specific wants and needs in their Dream Home, we've found that most people go about their home search the wrong way, getting them stuck with a home that's "kind of close”  to their real Dream Home. That's why I created our Dream Home Finder Program whereby once you tell us exactly what you are looking for, we invest our own money to go out and find OFF-MARKET properties that match exactly what you are looking for, owned by sellers that are ready to make a move!  

We've agreed to offer this Dream Home Finder Program at absolutely no charge to the residents of South Florida. This allows you to casually look at a few properties with absolutely no obligation to EVER make a move. Click the Send Message button right now to get access to the PERFECT properties for your family's needs. Or just call us at 954-540-8509. 

Quick Peek Program

For homeowners or buyers considering a move soon or in the future to look at off and on market homes just to see if it even make sense to think about moving. No obligation. No Pre Approval needed from a mortgage broker and absolutely no pressure because you’re just looking. Want more details? Just a quick call or text to 954-540-8509 or click below at Send Message.

No Money Down Loans

YES! No money down loans are back. Minimum 620 credit score. Up to $650,000.  Not a VA loan. Even if you have 5 or 10% or more down it may be something to consider especially when added to our up to $1,000 in closing costs help and Home Warranty Plan. As always, no obligation and free information. Want to see if you qualify? Call, text or send message to us.

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